Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Giveaways continue...

Can you believe summer is 1/2 way over .. here in Missouri we have about 6 or so more weeks until kids return to school, this year I'll have a Kindergarten Girl - she only just makes our cut off for this year but shes excited to go and my 2nd will start preschool ... it will change my schedule some for working so I will definetly be working a staggered day in the fall ..

As we continue this summer of giveaways... I wanted to remind everyone that you must post a comment for each entry.. .. its been fun so far this summer. I hope you are enjoying the Halloween Costumes I have posted to date there is still a fairy line coming and a few other fall looks so keep an eye out. Don't forget TODAY, July 9th is the LAST Day to use the 15% off code on our website enter HappyBirthday - all one word in the discount section at checkout. Good until 11:59 CST tonight - we only do coupon codes about 1-2 times a year so take advantage of the last day to save .. you can even use on a costume!

So this week ... I am going to giveaway (1) of my Mermaid Dreams Tutus... yes ... I listened and there were so many requests to see this top seller in our summer giveaways, so here it is...

The winner will get our Mermaid Dreams Tutu its a beautiful mix of purple, lavenders, greens, blues and teal shades.. it will be a 18.5 inch starting waist and a 8/9 Length ... I'll even fancy up the top layers with tied ribbons for the winner .. the ribbon bow will be in a soft lavender color. This will fit most 1-2 yr olds you could use on those sitting 6-12 mth olds and it will stretch to fit those little 2-3 yr olds... But even if you dont have one .. try and win for a gift!! Little girls love to get these .. I'll even gift tag for the winner if needed ..

So check the entry rules below ... then go to our discussions tab on our facebook page LOOK FOR THE July 9th - July 15th Giveaway Discussion and post your entries in there
Mermaid Dreams Tutu - Picture by

To Enter:

1. As always I give a freebie entry all you have to do is be a fan of our Hannah's Tutus page and just post your are a fan ...

2. Become a follower of our blog .. then post you are following .. sometimes we might just post something on the blog that we dont post on facebook

3. Post an idea for a mermaid party.. under the sea .. it can be decor.. games.. cake.. (PS did you see my Hannah's princess and the frog cake .. look on the fb page) .. we want to know new ideas for cute Mermaid / Ocean like parties

4. Tell your friends to come join - so repost about us on your fb/twitter/blog .then come let us know you have posted

5. Lastly .. if we were to put a Halloween set in a future maybe the last summer giveaway what would you like to see ...

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