Friday, July 23, 2010

Lets design a witch for...

I know you have probably been waiting all day for me to post the winner for the Design a witch tutu giveaway we did this week! I am a little behind on things this week and today, because a few days ago one of my kids broke out... what started as a few spots on the face evolved to spots all over and a chicken pox diagnosis. They "say" if you get this and you have had the vaccine it "should" be milder, well his face is absolutely covered and all the rest of his body. So my 3 yr old is a little miserable and this is also preventing me from getting into my studio as much as I normally do (dont worry its a NO chicken pox zone!!). Anyway it shouldnt affect make times .. they may be at the longer end of the range for the next week or two ..but since we can't go anywhere I'll probably try and work in the studio some extra this weekend to help with the work time I am missing to snuggle with the unhappy boy. Just hoping my 7 mth old doesn't show up with this (he isn't old enough for the vaccine) ... and hopefully it will skip Hannah. We have laughed and said our luck will be on day 8 of Mr C's another child will start with it, then on day 8 of that just when we think we can escape to public again another child will get it.

So needless to say I am normally answering replys right away and have been a little ahead of the make time but this unexpected sickness is slowing me down a little.

I definetly had fun reading all the witch ideas.. many were elaborate the giveaway was for a custom witch tutu you pick the colors and ribbons ideas (so there were many ideas that went into more detail with extras that I just don't keep around so if your idea is choosen the tutu will be made as close to the idea within the parameters of what we have supply wise and what the giveaway stated as far as design (you pick colors and we do the ribbons) also many gave elaborate design ideas for the witches hats again I'll try and make as close for the winner but the giveaway does state it will be made to match the tutu colors with our fancy look that we normally do so some things I will not be able to do with the supplies we keep at hand... just wanted to mention since there were definetly some amazing ideas but Halloween supplies are so hard to keep in stock that every year I decide on specific designs/items to offer and thats what I offer .. with living 30-45 + minutes from most stores I don't always have the luxury to special shop for designs (like I used to) now that I have 3 little ones and work this business full time... so I hope the winner will love what I design based on their idea posted).

We also had to delete a few entries - if they weren't posted as the blog and discussion rules mentioned to be fair and not have extra entries we had to delete :(

So the winner chosen from this week is:

Facebook Discussion Post #12!!!.....................Chris Colbert-Kelly

The idea posted was:

My first and favorite idea is a Sassy Witch. She would have the shades mostly of Hot Pink but also Black, Lavender and Melon. top it off with Polka Dot ribbons! Her hat would consist of tulle and Polka Dot Ribbons and a Big Hot Pink Bow!! Sassy and Classy!

We will be contacting you shortly for sizing please remember the tutu can be made to any waist size 20 inches or less and up to a 10/11 length !!!

Thanks to all that entered our next giveaway will be posted shortly and well we only have a few more weeks of giveaways so now more than ever you will want to keep up with what we have in our giveaway since there will be a Halloween set with matching bloomers and a fall tutu with matching bloomers and a few more cute items to be won over the next few weeks.

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