Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Time Giveaways .. check out this week's details below!

A couple of week's ago a swet customer of mine emailed me the picture below of our design Tropical Birthday Girl
we had several comments on facebook about this design the one below from our customer
shows tied ribbons in it and the colors well. This tutu has become one of my favorite
summer time tutus! So this week I'm going to give one away..
It will even have the tied ribbons in it!!
It will be a 18 waist and 7 length
so perfect for about the 1-2 yr old range
Thank you to our customer that shared this beautiful picture!

Just to show you how this tutu looks in different shots and when outside/inside etc
look at all these pictures of the Tropical Birthday Girl Tutu
Picture above and below from

Pictures below from


To enter - please go to our facebook page - then click on the discussions tab
we will have the giveaway entry area set up for the week of July 25th - July 1st there

You must post a comment for each entry you partake in
winner will be chosen by on Friday, July 2nd!

(1) Post that you are a fan of us on facebook and get 1 entry

(2) Post an idea for a cute tropical themed summer birthday or a link to some cute ideas for one entry

(3) Become a follower of our blog and get 1 entry

(4) Invite your friends to join our facebook page for 1 entry
(don't forget that next week is our Big Birthday Bash for Hannah and the gift certificate we give away is determined by the amount of fans we have...)

(5) Post a design you love and would love to see in a future giveaway!

Have a fun week!

The Winner of last weeks giveaway!!

So its that time of the week to announce the winner of the past week's giveaway!!
CONGRATS to FB Poster Kristy Woody!
You were selected by random pick
You have won the cute bloomers (from below (see original giveaway post for sizing)
a tutu to match in the 18 waist 8/9 length which is perfect to wear with the bloomers
You can pick from any of my lavenders, purples, greens etc to create your tutu to match
or I can just create for you!!
Thanks to all that participated and watch out I'll be posting some
GREAT announcements about this week's giveaway along
with the Hannah's 5th Birthday week giveaways & SPECIALS!

Friday, June 18, 2010

We have a winner...

Last week's giveaway winner is... facebook poster Tara Reed Photography!! Congratulations!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Don't miss out on this week's giveaway, follow our blog and become a fan on facebook
because all summer long we will have weekly giveaway's or specials!!

Just a reminder.. (it was mentioned last week) that the week of July 2nd we will kick off a week of some superp specials and giveaways!! All because Hannah will turn 5 on July 1st.

So remember to become a fan of us on facebook and invite your friends too!

Our gift certificate that one lucky winner will win that week will be determined by the # of facebook fans we have on July 1st!! So if we have at least 250 its a $25, if we have at least 300 its a $30, if we have 500 its $50 ... we will offer up to a $100 gift certificate (now that takes having 1000 fans by that point so thats a long stretch but not impossible!).

Now what are we giving away this week??

A pair of adorable Bloomers from along with a tutu to match, the tutu will be made at a 18 waist 8/9 length perfect size for an adorable set, the best part is I'll let you choose from a few color combos for the tutu

{Winner selects from all lt lavender ~ mix of lavender shades ~ mix of lt/med lavenders with mint ~ or a deeper look of mint, lime, lt, med lavenders and purple... how fun is that!!}

Bloomers that are part of the giveaway are shown below they will be a Size 3
which fits most 12-18 months 23-26 pounds

This set would be wonderful for a 1st birthday, photo shoot, photo prop or just enter and save to give as a special gift !!!

Scroll down to find out how to enter this week's giveaway...

Entries for this giveaway will be posted under the Giveaway Post on our facebook page.. (Please be sure to post on the right one I just saw that I listed the wrong dates last week!) so go to!/pages/Hannahs-Tutus/131668296845836?ref=ts

then click on the DISCUSSIONS TAB find the post for this week's giveaway .. make sure you post on the right one. You will need to submit 1 post for every entry you want to take advantage of!!

1. Everyone gets one entry just for posting on the discussion board as a fan of Hannah's Tutus!

2. Go to and check out her Bloomers Gallery and then post what your favorite design is (there are so many).

3. Post if you are a fan of Bella Claire Baby, if you are not a fan become one and earn this entry!/pages/Bella-Claire-Baby/212979725959?ref=ts

4. Yep I am going to stay with the Birthday Theme ideas .. Post your favorite party favor for birthdays ... doesnt have to be one you used, maybe one at a party you attended you liked

5. Invite your friends to become fans of Hannahs Tutus on facebook, come and post that you have invited them or reposted about our giveaway and you earn another entry!

Have a fun week ....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Miklus Photography located in Virginia

This week'd feature photographer I met through a very good mutual friend of ours, Chris. Our sweet friend, Chris that did many of my photos passed away earlier this year after battling cancer for years. She is missed by so many, but she also brought many people together through her friendships with many many fellow photographers. Just a week or two ago Karen posted a picture that I loved and we both had to comment on how it reminded us of our friend Chris and a picture she would of taken. So I am pleased to feature Karen of Miklus Photography this week. I love looking at the fabulous pictures she takes and she's been a customer of mine for several years.

Featuring Miklus Photography

How did you find yourself in photography?
I've grown up around photography. My uncle is an amazing photojournalist
and he was always taking pictures of his nieces and nephews as we grew
up. As an adult I look back at the images he took of family members and
it strikes me at how he didn't just take a picture, he captured the
essence of his subjects. You could look into that image and be
instantly transported back to the time and place that image was taken;
even though that person was no longer with us, because of that image you
could still feel them. I wanted to do that too. I wanted to capture
memories, snippets of my life so that I could go back and remember a
time that had already passed. I started with shooting places I visited
and then began shooting the children in the family, including my own.
Showing the relationship between my daughter and all her cousins was
very important to me. As an elementary school teacher, I loved
photographing my students interacting with each other. After the birth
of my second daughter, my husband encouraged me to merge my love of
children with my love of photography. I became hooked! Here I could do
what I loved...playing and interacting with children. I could spend my
time capturing those precious moments in time and preserve so that one
day their parents could look back and "feel" that time again and again.

What is your specialty?

My specialty is children and maternity. Maternity images are so
magical, invoking strong emotion. I love documenting that special
miracle taking place within a woman and helping her to feel as beautiful
as she truly is. Children are just wonderful to work with! I love
spending my time playing with them and capturing that special smile or
look that is the essence of that child...the look that makes mom say,
"That's my baby." When I get that response, I am thrilled because to
me, that's what it's all about.

Do you prefer to shoot indoors or out?
I love the control that I have working in my studio...I'm comfortable
there. However, I love the excitement and spontaneity of an outdoor
shoot. Allowing children to just be themselves in an outdoor
environment is so much fun for me...I can really see their personalities
shine. I love finding the perfect setting to create a really original
image fitting to the subjects personality and I love the sparkle that
natural light's beautiful and the colors are amazing!

Do you have any tips for aspiring photographers?

Keep shooting! If you love photography the best way to learn and grow
is to keep on shooting. We are our own toughest critics, but don't be
afraid to push yourself to try new things and to keep improving.

What do you like about Hannah's Tutu's?

What's not to love about Hannah's Tutu's! The colors and designs are
wonderful! Looking at Hannah's Tutu's is like a child looking through
the window of a candy store where each colorful treat looks more
delectable than the next!
The quality cannot be beat...they are so well made and other
tutu's can compare.
Last, but not least.....Lisa's customer service is wonderful...she works
hard to provide her clients with outstanding customer service and it is
very much appreciated ;)

Thanks so much Karen, for taking the time to let us feature you this week!

Friday, June 11, 2010

PS ..

I love this site creative hostess it has fabulous party ideas and themes.. you will drool over some of the decor etc used I have been planning my baby Andrews 1st birthday .. if you know me you are laughing ... he only just turned 6 mths but I am already tossing the ideas of Dr Suess, Winter Wonderland Candyland etc etc anyway I love the cakes shown and ideas on Creative Hostess (lots of girl ideas). Recently Hannah was modeling some sets for me and I wanted a shot of her because she's going to be 5 soon and she loved the Strawberry Shortcake top from Bella Claire ... so Kerry made it for Ms Hannah and I made a tutu to match .. well I entered it into the Birthday Girl contest and take a look Hannah is shown smack at the top ... so go and vote .. yep there are some cute ones so vote for who you like best .. but I just know my sweet Hannah would love to be surprised with one of the prizes for her birthday so feel free to vote for her if you like :)


Before I tell you about this week's giveaway .. I want to take a moment and mention about a giveaway that will take place starting 3 weeks from today (July 2nd) .. to celebrate Hannah's 5th Birthday we will be doing some great giveaways all summer long ... but the one the week of her birthday will be for a Gift Certificate to and YOU the fans/followers/readers/customers can help decide the amount of the certificate.

On July 1st, we will see how many fans we have by 12 noon CST... the number of fans on our facebook page!/pages/Hannahs-Tutus/131668296845836?v=wall&ref=ts

will determine the amount of the Certificate we place in the Giveaway... so invite your friends to join our Facebook page today... If we have 300 fans it will be a $30 certificate, 400 = $40 GC, 500 = $50 GC we are offering up to a $100 Gift Certificate to give away ... so invite and suggest our page get us to 1000 or more fans and we will do a $100 Gift Certificate as our top Giveaway during the Fabulous Birthday Giveaway Week, we will also have a few other smaller giveaways from the 1st - 9th to help in the fun of Hannah turning 5!!

So lets talk about this week:

This week from now until Thursday, June 17th, 11:59 pm CST

you can enter the giveaway to win one of our Cherry Delight Tutus

(check out the adorable pics by

(Tops & Bloomers available at

The tutu for the giveaway is sized for most 1-2 yr olds

18 waist and a 8 length

The Cherry Delight is a mix of teal (blueish green & red)

Perfect for a 1 yr old Bday Gift to add to your Photo Prop Closet or just for your

little girl to dance and twirl around in

To Enter to Win Please follow the following directions:

Go to our Facebook Page

On the top Click on the Discussions Bar Then on this weeks Giveaway

Post your responses on there ... so we are trying to keep as requested it easy on facebook but want everyone to be able to find the post!

Now how to enter:

(you MUST post a comment every time you do an entry to earn addtl entries.. you can just enter once or you can enter for each one of the requirements below and increase your chances of winning)

1. Become a fan of our facebook page - or earn a entry for being one - please post that you joined or are a current fan!

2. Then go check out Bella Claire Baby's facebook fan page and become a fan (come and post that you are a fan of BCB)

3. Become a follower of our blog

---- go to the left side scroll bar and click follow this blog .. come back and post on the discussion that you are now a follower

4. Invite your friends to join the Hannah's Tutus facebook page ..

By suggesting our page or posting our giveaway on your facebook page

then post the link showing you did this

5. Post a comment with the cutest Birthday Theme you have seen this year!!

Enter today ...

Thanks for participating in this week's giveaway!

Our lucky winner is...

Facebook Poster ...Cheryl B
Congratulations Cheryl!
Please send us a message claiming your tutu by Monday at 9 am CST
and we will get your adorable little baby tutu on its way.
On a side note this week we took a different approach to our giveaway and let fans/followers enter on our facebook page rather than our Blog .. the majority of feedback we rcvd on the page and from messages was that our fans like the giveaways on the Facebook page it was easier.. I am certaintly all about easy I have a crazy life trying to work full time .. juggling 3 kids that are all very young .. and keeping up with everything else..
So this week's giveaway post will try out a new entry location ... we will try a few options out and make a final decision. I want the giveaways to be fun and easy for all so be sure to send me a message post on here on the facebook page or email me and let me know your opinion ..
Our new giveaway will be posted shortly with some more great information on how you the customers and fans can determine the amount of the gift certificate we will put in the giveaway the week of Hannah's 5th Birthday!
Thanks to all that entered this week and to all those new fans, customers,
we certaintly appreciate you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Renee Ross Photography located in Minnesota

"Renee Ross Photography"
(Check out Renee Ross Photography on Facebook too)
If you are a customer of mine .. there is no doubt that you have looked at our Birthday Bash design and ohh and ahh'ed over it. This design has been our best seller for years... last year Renee submitted a sweet picture to me of the Birthday Bash design to use I just loved it!!! This year Renee has shot several other designs for us, such as the Sweet & Sour Lollipop Tutu and we have several new designs that she's working on photographing currently (I can hardly wait to show off!) So keep an eye out for more of Renee's pictures on our sites!

Now a little bit about Renee....

How did you find yourself in photography?
I have always had a camera, always the one wanting to capture those memories. Well after I had kids my passion grew...people started making comments and asking me to take pics for them, and so I am here.

What is your specialty?
I would say babies and kids.

Do you prefer to shoot indoors or out?

I much prefer outdoor natural light.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring photographers?
If this is your passion, don't give up keep practicing and learn from your mistakes. It doesn't have to be perfect, to be beautiful.

What is your favorite thing about Hannah's Tutus?

The tutu's are the best! So full, extremely well made and the color mixtures just stunning. Lisa is super sweet too.

Any other tad bits you want to tell us about...

little known fact..I love photography so much, I have a tattoo of my first SLR.=)

Friday, June 4, 2010


We are going to do things a tad different this week...
I know that many customers like myself have limited time between kids and working etc
so we are going to try and run this week's competition on facebook to make it easier
for others to enter, we will keep all the rules posted on the blog but the comments post will be done under the Giveaway Post located on our facebook page

We will still determine the winner using and it will be done by who placed a post at that number!!!

We just started our new Fan Page on Facebook a few days ago with 72 fans already tell your friends about our facebook page .. as we get more fans we will start adding some amazing products for giveaways... so tell your friends and every week .. we have some great items to offer in our giveaways this summer, bloomers, tutus sets, gift certificate etc.
Our Goal this week is to get to 300 Fans by next Friday ... so help us do it!!
This week's Giveaway will be the "Sweet Baby Girl"tutu shown in the picture below!
Thanks to for the fabulous photo!
Adorable bow headband shown is available on etsy at
This tutu is a tiny one made at a 16 waist and features 7 inches of length its apretty mix of colors with a few pretty tied ribbons. Its perfect for the little baby shoots or to give as a Baby Shower or New Baby Gift!
So read below to see what you have to do to earn entries!!


1. One entry for being a fan of Hannah's Tutus on facebook, so if you arent a fan join you must post that you are a fan or have joined to get the entry, simply just being a fan doesn't get the entry.

2. Post on your facebook page to your friends to come be a fan of Hannah's Tutus.. then post that you have done this.

3. Comment on whether you would prefer our summer deals and giveaways to be entered into on our facebook page or blog.. so what works best for you!

Good Luck have a great weekend, thanks for being fans and customers!

Entry Posts can be made up until 11:59pm CST June 10th, 2010

We will post the winner on our fb & blog page by 5pm CST, 2010

If the winner does not come forward within 48 hours of posting them,

a new winner will be named.

Last weeks Blog winner is..

blog poster asomething .. please email me at as your email is not listed with the post Thanks

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Customer Photo Shoots}

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a photographer that had shot one of my tutus. She sent me such a sweet note on my tutus and it was so appreciated (it just happened to come in during a crazy week when my little baby had been at the hospital twice for bronchitus, dehydration etc). Her email note made my day .. so I figured I would share the note and some of the adorable pictures she took of Ms M. Thanks Debbie for such a nice and encouraging note!

Check out the cute pictures Debbie and Ms. M's mom were kind enough to share with me and be sure to check out Debbie's Photography website online at:

"Last week Ms. M came in for her birthday photo session. Her mother had chosen
a beautiful elegant dress for the main portrait. I had called her that morning and asked her if by any chance Ms. M had a tutu. So she came in with the cake, balloons, fancy dress and tutu. We started with the main dress of course and our sweet Ms. M was not "feeling it". We got a few beautiful shots, but most of them was Ms. M crying for her Mom. We worried she may not be feeling well. As her Mom changed her out of the dress I said lets just try her in the tutu and see what happens. Well we put the tutu on and WOW she started posing and smiling and the real Ms. M showed up. It was all personality from then on! Every time the lights fired Ms. M would absolutely bring something new to the set. I am so excited and everyone who has seen the photos are going wild over them. I will definitely be using your tutus in my studio. I love the "retro chic" feel it brings. Thanks for an awesome product! I am so glad my client told me about you!"

Debbie Clark (owner of Clark Photography)