Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Deal on Buying 5 Tutus...

Don't forget to check out our Bulk Buying deal thats still available thru the end of July .. You get 5 tutus for $100 .. you must buy 5 tutus all in one order and ship to one location to get the deal. Its great for photographers wanting to get some new looks for the fall .. or if a group of moms want to band together and buy...or perhaps you want to take care of Birthday Gifts for 5 little girls.

The tutus can be in any color mix you like the base package includes tutus in any color mix and a ribbon bow on the waist... BUT you can upgrade the package to include the tied ribbons look on your tutus and to include coordinating headbands!!

PLUS the shipping is only a flat rate cost, due to the oversized boxes they may ship parcel post to you depending on your location.

You can even pick any of the new Halloween or Fall color combinations for your deal!!

Sizing and more details out on the website now at:


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