Friday, May 28, 2010


This week's Friday Giveaway will take a different route to headbands..
Headbands are great for just matching with little girls outfits, to give as gifts, newborn and little girl photo shoots etc. So this week one lucky entry will have the opportunity to win the fancy headbands shown below.. the flowers are attached to the stretchy fancy elastic and I've sized these to fit about 2-6 mth girls (now depending on head size you may be able to get these to fit a little newborn and girls older than 6 mths since they will stretch).
Enter today! By reading the giveaway entry details below!

Remember you must post for every entry to earn addtl entries to the giveaway!
1. 1 Entry just for folowing our BLOG!
2. 1 Entry for posting the giveaway on your blog (please provide blog link in post)
3. 1 Entry for posting the giveaway on your facebook or twittering about it (post link pls)
4. 1 Entry for visiting any of the photographers I have featured this summer's website and posting something you like about their photography
5. 1 Entry for posting an idea for a new tutu design or bloomer/tutu set you would love to see us create in a future line
6. 1 Entry for going to and commenting on what tutu(s) you think might be our top sellers!
So thats a possible 6 entries per a person... start entering the giveway!
Entries must be posted no later than 11:59 PM CST on June 3rd, 2010

~Entries are counted via comments & must have an email listed with them~
~This giveaway is only available to US Residents~
~Winner will be contacted & announced by 5pm on June 4th, 2010 on the Blog!~
~Shipping of Giveaway is covered for any US location~

The Winner of last weeks giveaway!!

Is blog poster ERIN, Can't wait to send the tutu to you and see what you do with it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Samantha Wacker Photography located in Florida

So its a little late in the day... business was crazy this morning, but I couldn't forget my commitment to feature a photographer customer of mine every week.

This week's feature photographer is Samantha Wacker of Samantha Wacker Photography located in Florida. I was excited when Samantha agreed to let me feature her, she ordered her first tutu from me a few years back and I have to say she does some great work!! I used to sneek peaks at her blog to see the latest wedding shots she had taken, you can always see the FUN in her work.

Check out her website & blog at:

So lets chat photography and more with Samantha....

How did you find yourself in photography?

I have always loved photography, but it wasn't a true passion until I had my children. After I had my daughter I would surf the web and think "I would love to have that photo of A..." and once my second child was born I knew it was time for me to get my first DSLR. After working with a 35mm film camera for so many years I thought I would know everything right away....NOT the case! :) Digital is so different, but in a good way! I sometimes get so wrapped up with my work now that I forget the real reason I started this...for my kids. I want them to be able to flip through album upon album of photos from their childhood and see our family the way I do!

What is your specialty?

I do believe that every photographer has a talent. Some photographers are amazing with weddings, but not so much with the newborns. I have to say though, I love it all. If I had to choose I think it would be newborns/babies/toddlers (no, I couldn't choose just one). They are the most challenging! It is so rewarding to me when I leave a session and the parent says "he was so rotten, I'll be surprised if we got ANY good photos!" Once I show them the proofs they either cry of joy or they're speechless! It's the best feeling...EVER! I have yet to have an unsuccessful session!

Do your prefer to shoot indoors or out?

Honestly I LOVE shooting outdoors! Don't get me wrong, I love the studio shots too (some of my favorite photos are done from my studio), but outside is amazing. The light, the setting, the's all amazing! Kids will be themselves and parents feel at ease. I guess it's reassuring for parents when you get someone who is willing to dance with a 2 year old or sing (horribly) to the Little Mermaid! :) In the studio it's a little more like "business" to a kid! I LOVE being able to get kids out of whatever "funk" they show up in.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring photographers?

Every child dreaded hearing their parents say "practice makes perfect" but it's SO true! I haven't taken any photography classes or attended any pricey workshops...everything is self taught and I like to think that I have done really well for myself. All of it has been through practice and determination though. Find your "style" and go with it. Not everyone is going to love your work so don't let your feelings get hurt. Take constructive criticism when it's offered...especially if it comes from a professional photographer.

What is your favorite thing about Hannah's Tutus?

Ahhh, where to begin? Lisa has become a master of the tulle! :) Not one of the tutus that I have from her has come to me wrinkled, thin, or plain! She makes sure they are as full as they can possibly be (which was the main thing that drew me to her tutus). Every last piece of tulle and ribbon is in an exact place making sure it looks fabulous!!! On top of the awesome tutus, Lisa's business etiquette is phenomenal. I think that is key to making a business run smoothly. I literally have NO complaints about her or her products. Having 3 kids myself, I know how tough it can be sometimes to get work done (especially when you stay home with the children and work in between diapers, meals, cleaning, and arguments), but Lisa makes sure her turn-around time is quick! I don't think I could say enough good things about her...

PS ... I know many of you also are like myself and Samantha and working your business around the lives of your children.. in the near future I hope to do a post on sharing how to make your business work around your family .. its hard .. I have 3 children and all are preschool age and under although I work a Mon-Fri business my actual hours are crazy some days I get up and work 6-8 am logging orders before the kids get up ... then I wait til nap time and do replys ... then at 5 I start actually making orders til the late hours and nowadays business has become so busy that I actually have a college student help me .. she is a GOD SEND, some days she watches the kids some days she helps prep orders ... managing a business around a crazy family schedule sure takes alot of energy but I love what I do!! When a customer sends a picture and says thank you for making her birthday outfit .. it makes my job worth every moment!
Friday, May 21, 2010


So I thought I would post a few cute birdy party items I found .. I'd love to show more of what you find so be sure to post a link in the Friday Giveaway and next week we will show off more birdy themed party items.

This store does some really cute birdy items for toppers,
I personally loved this set that they showed
Are these TOO cute (see below) or what I actually saw them posted on another blog I follow

they are from an etsy store and I thought those are so cute!

Check outMibo Studio to see this cute Yolk Folk set!!


Welcome to the 2nd week of Summer Giveaways and Specials
released our newest line "Sweet Tweets" so for this week's giveaway one lucky winner
will get to win the "Tweeter Girl TUTU" shown below.

This tutu is made with a mix of Black - Turquoise - Citrus - Coral and accents of aqua and med pink its finished with a blck ribbon bow on the waist.

This tutu is sized for the bigger girls ideally aged 4-6/7 years old and would make a great gift or photo prop for any little girl. My own little Hannah (ok she's not too little anymore) is modeling this new look.

So here's how to earn an entries in this weeks contest,
entries can be posted until Thursday, May 27th at 11:59pm CST,
duplicate posts of the same entry will be removed.
Be sure to read all of this post for all the hidden extra entrys!
Remember for each entry you earn post on that entry with your email address please
1. Get one entry for being a follower of this blog or adding yourself as a follower
(to add click over to the left on the follow this blog!) Post below

2. Get one entry for checking out
at the first 5 Sweet Tweet Tutu Designs and let me know which one is your favorite.
3. Get another entry for going to
post your favorite item on their website
4. Get another entry for becoming a fan of BellaClaireBaby on facebook
Check out these adorable pictures by
The pink and aqua set is just so sweet and look how sweet this bracelet is with the set
5. Earn an extra entry by going to Lauren's Stella Dot website and
checking out the new Girls Line of jewelry - afterwards come and post
on what piece of jewelry you like best

This adorable picture below is by
the bright fun look is great for the birdy parties!

6. Get an addtl entry for posting this giveaway on either your facebook page or tweet about it, pls leave link to post in your entry post.

7. Addtl entry for posting an article on the giveaway on your blog - please post link to blog in your entry.

Wow thats 7 Entries!!! But you can earn an extra bonus 8th entry by posting a link to a great birdy party theme - maybe its partyware, favor ideas, cakes... so search the web or etsy and find something cutesy that would be perfect for that sweet bird-day party theme and post the link.

~Entries are counted via comments & must have an email listed with them~
~This giveaway is only available to US Residents~
~Winner will be contacted & announced by 5pm on May 28th, 2010 on the Blog!~
~Shipping of Giveaway is covered for any US location~

This giveaway is now closed see above for the winner!


Thanks to all that participated in last week's giveaway ... it was great getting all the comments and be sure to come back and enter this week's giveaway which will be posted shortly!!

Last week's little melon tutu with coordinating accessories was one by poster The KP's ... winning entry # was selected by

I was so excited to send The KP's an email this morning to announce she had won!! The KP's known to me as Stephanie has been a great customer for quite some time her little girl has had a tutu for every occasion and she even had one on my order log!!

Congratulations Stephanie (The KP's)!!! Can't wait to mail this set to you!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


These cute birdy looks with tutus have been in the works for a while we wanted to introduce
some special cute and fun looks for the summer .. don't worry these birdys can come in many colors so you will be bound to see more coming soon.
NOT TO MENTION... This coming week's giveaway will be for one of the new Sweet Tweet Tutu's so be sure to check back on the blog tomorrow and find out how to enter to win in the giveaway (just a few hours left in this past week's getaway so if you haven't entered yet.. scroll down below and be sure to enter before 11:59 pm CST tonight!!
So just a sneak preview of a few of the Sweet Tweet Line Pictures.. I'll show off a few more in tomorrow's Giveaway Post!
Tops and Bloomers by
Tutus now available on -
click under Sweet Tweets Section

Yes... I know its not a tutu but I couldnt help but to show the adorable Sweet Tweet Burb cloths, the perfect gift burb cloths, bibs, bloomers and a sweet tutu! I mean can get ANY CUTER with this burb cloth design!!

Birthday Tweetie Tutu
Picture by

Bird-Day Girl Tutu
Pictures by

So check back tomorrow to see more fun pictures of this new line
and to see which tutu is being given away!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Tracy Joy Photography located in Illinois

Its Feature Tuesday...

This week I am featuring Tracy Joy Photography located in the Chicago area of Illinois.

Photography Website:
Blog Link:

I just can't say enough things about Tracy. She's been doing many of my pictures for almost a year and a half now. She's great at getting wonderful tutu and bloomer shots and has an awesome model thats as cute as a button (when I see pictures of her she reminds me alot of my little girl). I first met Tracy when she took some fabulous pictures of one of my tutus that her friend had purchased from me ..and its seems as though we have been friends ever since.

Now let me just give Tracy's friend a shout out because she runs a business "Bangerang Bakeshop" and I've had the pleasure of indulging in one, two, okay maybe a few of her fabulous cupcakes in a jar, my favorite was a chocolate mint cupcake that was offered but this morning I took a sneak peak at her flavors and that red velvet was calling my name!! Check out her website the cupcakes are great for gifts!

Anyway, back to Tracy who is just full of talent and super busy all the time with all the businesses she takes on. As I will for each feature I asked Tracy a few questions for this post.

How did you find yourself in photography?

I've always had an "eye" for photography... looking at things from a different aspect then the normal person would. Seeing a street full of graffiti and thinking "wow, those are beautiful colors!"... or the sparkle in a child's eye, and seeing that moment "still" or in slow motion and dreaming of capturing that specific second in time. Not to mention... I love all things art, in general. My grandfather owned an art gallery when I was young, and I remember how the paintings all filled me with dreams and curiousity... how the painter captured that exact moment and put it into a piece of art. That is how I think of of my photography... it's not a job, it's not a piece of paper or a digital clip... I try to make a piece of art that is unique in the smallest (or largest) way I can! For instance, seeing a mother and child in those first days of life, and being able to feel the love straight through the lens, and capturing an instant that can last a lifetime to that mother...

What is your specialty?

I love working with kids..... and I think kids love working with me. I can put myself into the world of a 2y old, and pull them out of their "regular stranger shyness", and they happily let me capture something wonderful through my lens. Parents must think I'm nuts (cuz of the corny things I do to get a kids smile or sweet wink), but the kids surely find me amusing! haha! I love baby giggles, kiddie toes, lil button noses... the whole nine yards! And twins... what a blast that is! Not a challenge by any means... it just means following their moment, and their personality... and capturing them each, as they are... LOVE THEM!

Do you prefer to shoot indoors or out?

I love both, for different reasons. I love the sharpness of the entire shot that I can capture with my lil home studio. And the control over my lighting makes things very persistant and sweet... not to mention my room full of props that I can quickly thumb through and incorporate into my studio shoot. HOWEVER.. I Love the challenge of the outdoors! Esp with older kids, and teens... finding that great urban spot can really make a difference and show a true personality and extra edge.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring photographers?

DON'T HOLD BACK! We can be our worst critics... it's an aweful thing. Take pride in your work... and in YOU. If this is what you love, jump right in... feet first of course :)

What is your favorite thing about Hannah's Tutus? Do I have to come up with one thing? First of all.. Lisa is a peach... just a wonderfully talented, well rounded, gal! Her products.. TOP NOTCH! I've never had a tutu from Hannahs that I wasnt in love with.... EVER! They are full to the brim with lovely soft tulle, and full of color combos that leave me breathless (yes, no exaggeration... opening a box from Hannah's tutus is like Christmas every time!)

I LOVE props... esp girly things! I also have another company where I review and feature unique and fun props and their creators... Hannah's was one of my first, and a favorite of mine! I have a wall of tutus in my house... and nothing brings a smile to a clients face than when their eyes meet that rainbow of yummy tulle!

Check out these additional sites of Tracy's to see great props and Camera Bags!!/TracyJoyPhotography?ref=ts

Before I close this post - let me remind you just a few days left in the giveaway check out the post and enter to try and win then return this Friday to find out the winner and what great giveaway I have in store starting this Friday with our summer of specials and giveaways!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


So I have been waiting to see these cute new little boy sets Kerry ( has been working on ... they were a gift for a baby shower today and I have to say they are so ADORABLE!! I love to give "original" gifts at showers and not the typical dresses, diapers etc and so I go to Kerry quite often for gifts and all of my children have items from her too.

There are so many options for cute shower gifts for baby girls but there always seems to be very little for adorable boy gifts well at least far less than the girly stuff (I know having 2 boys myself). So check out the new designs at or mark her page for the next time you need a fantastic shower gift!!

PS Dont forget to click on my last post below and enter this week's giveaway before it closes!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Its our 1st Friday Giveaway of the Summer!
To enter this week's giveaway please read all of the entry rules first
then take advantage of earning as many entries as you can
(RULES are listed in full under the giveaway pictures)
Readers may enter the giveaway through Thursday, May 20th 11:59 CST
On Friday, May 21st a winner will be selected via a random web selector
the winner will be contacted and announced on the Blog by 5pm CST on the 21st.
This week's giveaway is just too sweet... I call this tutu melon sweetness
its not on the website yet but its just so sweet all melon and sized for little ones
will fit little ones about 2 mths to well some 6 mth olds you can even slide it on a newborn
Along with the adorable sweet tutu you will get the coordinating accessories shown in the pictures, so the cute melon hat with fancy little creme flowers and the peach headband with creme fancy flower. This set is great for little one's photos or to give as a baby gift if you don't need it yourself (I can gift tag the tutu for the winner if needed)
Giveaway Items were photographed by

To enter to win this week’s giveaway

Check out my website and post a comment under this giveaway post with what your favorite tutu is (be sure to check the new designs section out!)

That gets you one entry towards the contest …

but I know you would love to heighten your chances of winning so here’s a few added ways to earn additional entries.
PLEASE POST A COMMENT FOR EACH ADDITIONAL ENTRY YOU EARN for instance if you follow post a comment stating you are a follower and your email – if you sign up to follow same deal … then if you blog on this post another comment so you might have several comments in the post each earning you that additional entry to win.

*****To gain additional entries *****

1. Post if you are a follower – if you are not a follower of the blog become a new follower so you can earn this entry
2. Post on a blog about this giveaway, then post in the comment entry the link to the blog in which you blogged about this at
3. Post about the giveaway on facebook – then post a comment and provide the link again

All together you can earn 4 entries into this giveaway!!!
~Entries are counted via comments & must have an email listed with them~
~This giveaway is only available to US Residents~
~Winner will be contacted & announced by 5pm on May 21st, 2010 on the Blog!~
~Shipping of Giveaway is covered for any US location~


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


...4th of July ... Memorial Day... Military Homecoming... Birthdays and Other special Events

Its hard to believe that Memorial Day Weekend is just a few weeks away, the official summer season will start and July 4th will be right around the corner. I love the warmer months when my children play with their sand table and water for hours outside and run off all that energy that little ones have.

Kerry ( and I have just finished having 2 designs photographed for the upcoming holidays, but also what cute outfits for Military homecomings, birthdays around the holidays and other occasions. Thanks to for taking these pictures.

The two designs are now available on the web at look under the All American/July 4th section. Bloomers and tops available at

A preview is below ... don't forget to sign up to be a follower, this Friday we will start our first of many Friday giveaway/specials .. I'll just mention that the sweet giveaway for this Friday would cost you almost $50 shipped so you won't want to miss out!

Sweet Little Firecracker Tutu
this is a combination of trad red-white-blue with a little sweetness of pink and lt blue shades
I personally love this new sweet combination!
Sweet Little Firecracker Tutu
same tutu as above shown with a different option for the bloomers
The American Princess
Our traditional red-white-blue mix paired with the cutest bloomers and tops!
The remaining pictures below show different shots.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Become a follower of our blog...

Since we are getting ready for a summer of specials and giveaways I've had a few emails on how to join and find out about the latest .. well I realized that the Blog Friends area was well way way down on the screen so I have moved it up look to your left and see the area called "Blog Friends" then click on the follow and follow the prompts. This way you can set up to follow our blog and get notifications on whenever we post something exciting ...

You can also join us on facebook search under Hannah's Tutus to join the facebook group however all giveaways will be entered on the blog so this is the place to join!

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Misty Jones Photography located in Florida

Introducing Misty Jones Photography.....

This week's TUTU FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHER is someone I have known for quite some time and consider a friend of mine, and thats "Misty Jones Photography". So I felt that she should be one of our first features on the blog.

I rememember several years ago when Misty took some of my first professional pictures I was starting the business and she was starting her own business and even then I knew Misty was going to have a great business her pictures were fabulous from the start!

Misty serves areas of Florida like Brandon, Riverview, South Tampa and many of those surrounding areas.

Her website is:
You can read her blog at:
Or join her facebook photography page at:

For this week's feature I asked Misty a few questions and here are her responses:
We asked Misty a few questions and here are her responses:

What is your speciality?
Misty: I love working with children. I love the different expressions they give you and just that genuine childhood pureness. I also love photographing newborns, high school seniors, couples and pregnant woman.

Do you prefer to shoot indoors or out?
Misty: A bit of both. I prefer to work with walking aged children outside where they can run and be free. I just follow them around while they play and be silly. As for newborns and maternity I mostly photograph them inside but I also like to head outdoors for some more original shots.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring photographers?
Misty: Don't rush into things. Take your time. Learn your camera, learn how to run a business (marketing, sales, accounting, editing, etc....), get everything all set up and THEN start portfolio building. I did the complete opposite and I have to tell you that its crazy when your trying to learn it all at once. It's a lot to take in. Keep in mind that you probably spend about 1% of time shooting and the rest of the time you are editing, placing orders, packaging, marketing, etc....

What is your favorite thing about Hannah's Tutus?
Misty: I love Lisa's creativity. She is always coming up with new things and her tutus are some of the fullest I have ever come across. They just feel better then some of the thinner/cheaper tutus that I have come across. I also love that Lisa has teamed up with other great sellers like Bella Claire Baby for custom tops and bloomers (,
Stella and Dot with their new little girls jewelry line ( and The Little Red Wagon for hair bows ( Together they make quite a team and you really turn your daughter into the princess she always wanted to be when you mix and match all these adorable items!

If you have been on the website or on my etsy page then you have seen Misty's work she does many of my business pictures for me, but I picked a few favorites to share with you.

The Cupcake Bash
This sweet new tutu is a personal favorite!

The Mod Witch

The Mod Witch was a popular design last Halloween and will return...