Friday, July 16, 2010

Check out the new exciting giveaway!!!

I make it no secret that I LOVE Halloween ... me and my kids are already talking on a possible family costume .. one child likes to say we will be the Incredibles ... I am not opposed but I certaintly have a hard time envisioning me and my husband wearing a unitard for the evening.. one wants us to be all Star Wars people .. another the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba.. I am undecided last year we waited until the last minute and I was putting together the final touches for my husbands Scarecrow costume and my mean witch (I was VERY pregnant and a witches dress was about the only costume easier enough to accomodate my large belly) on Halloween day.. I have to say our costumes will probably be done last minute again this year. (Ironic, as I tell my customers order early to avoid the rush....)

My favorite costumes this year are all the little witches I am offering, I LOVE making witches we are offering about 7 or so witches designs .. BUT customers can also custom create their own witch look all I need to know is the colors you want and I can make a set perfect to your little girls color preferences. So don't feel as though you are bound to the colors of the witch sets I show .. if you want to create your own look always feel free to email me .

So this week the giveaway is going to be pretty BIG!!! I kept going back and forward and decided that so many of our fans and customers love the witches .. that ...

We needed to do a witch giveaway!!! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT... SO HERE'S THE DETAILS ...

Think of how you would like to see a little witch done (colors) do you want just fancy ribbons or the modern big polka dot ribbons the mod witch set offers... then we want to know ... all posts must be made in our discussions area on facebook. We will then custom create the winning witch idea for that person ... the tutu can be custom made up to a 20 inch waist and up to a 10/11 waist. We will make a witches hat to compliment the look of the witch tutu for the winner..

**Please note that the witches hat will be made to compliment the look with flowers and greenery tulle and ribbons only.



(1) First Witch Idea - every fan gets one entry to posting an idea... so feel free to post one idea....

Want to post more than one idea? You can earn 2 bonus entrys for:

(2) Post about this giveaway on your fb page or blog then you are eligible to submit a 2nd idea (on the same post as your 2nd idea pls leave the link to your post on the giveaway).

(3) If you have made a purchase in July or make one while this giveaway is going on you are eligible to submit and extra entry. Post your idea and let me know the name your purchase was under.

Please only post 1 entry unless you earn the bonus entries, addtl entries not meeting the criteria explained above will be deleted from the discussions post board.

Enter now thru Thursday, July 22nd 11:59pm CST - winner will be announced on July 23rd and will need to provide sizing info for us to make the witch set - please allow us 14 business days to make the winning set.

So what are you waiting for start thinking up an idea ... AND GET THEM POSTED..
You can check out our website for color ideas etc at

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