Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final Giveaway Week...

Its hard to believe that the summer is just about over and kids are returning to school. Summer zipped by and the Halloween season is in full swing with costume orders. I love this time of the year but it does get pretty busy and hectic for me. We have enjoyed doing a giveaway a week all summer long and so to finish the summer we have an adorable set up for grabs.
Check out the pictures below of our Sweet Paris Kitty tutu .. I love this tutu and the fancy ribbons on top, so this week's winner will get the sweet tutu (sized at a 18.5 starting waist 8/9 length) , a set of the black fuzzy ears shown in the pictures below and a size 3 pair of the matching bloomers from www.bellaclairebaby.com (sized for 12-24 mth girls).
So how to enter:
This week the entry will be on our main page in facebook its the last week of our summer giveaways and we want it to be noticed.. BUT PLEASE read the entry instructions, posts in other places on the facebook page will be deleted and not counted. This is very important since I am sure many of you would love to win this set.

1. Post below our I want to win post on the main page (link below) that you are a fan this gets you 1 entry.
2. Go and check out Bella Claire Baby's new website .. Kerry has been working hard on this and its great looking come back and post a comment about the new site under the same I want to win post area. www.bellaclairebaby.com
3. Tell your facebook friends about this great giveaway, then post under I want to win again with the link ... prefer to post a link on your blog thats fine too.
4. Lastly you can get 1 more post on the I want to win post by posting a great idea for a Christmas Tutu. (yes I do think that far ahead)
Entries can be posted through Sunday, August 22nd 11:59 pm cst.

Wonderful pictures by www.tracyjoy.com

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giveaway week of August 9th thru Sunday 15th

Well as the summer comes to a close we will only have a few more weekly giveaways BUT
we will still do specials and giveaways once a month or so. It's been fun and this week I decided to change it up to a bright and fun tutu before the last few giveaways (which are Halloween sets!!)
Our cupcake splash Tutu was created to match a 1st Birthday set that Target offers online
one of my good friends was having her little girls party done in this theme so I took the napkin and created.. then of course asked my friend Kerry to make an adorable set of bloomers to match...
So after we created we decided to have Misty at http://www.mistyjonesphotography.com/ shoot some shots of this set and offer it. The tutu features red - purple - yellow - and teal.. so quite a different mix of colors its finished with a red bow. The size we have for the lucky winner is a 18.5 starting waist with the 8/9 length.
This adorable tutu would be great for any little girl in the 1-2 yr range
(give or take depending on their waist size)



To enter the Giveaway YOU must be a FAN of Hannah's Tutus on our facebook page.


Then all entries MUST be posted in the DISCUSSIONS Tab under the Giveaway labeled for this week. Unfortunately posts on the main area or blog won't count. This week will be a random drawing for the winner so its up to grabs for anyone.

1. Just post you are a fan for 1 entry

2. Check out all the adorable bloomers in Bella Claire Baby's etsy store (link below) and tell us what item you like best..


3. Post a cute birthday idea with cupcakes as the theme .. color idea.. decorating... invites.. food theme.. whatever we would love to hear them and it gets you a 3rd entry

4. Post this giveaway on your facebook or blog for a 4th entry - YOU MUST POST THE LINK TO THIS INFO IN YOUR ENTRY POST TO COUNT


Monday, August 2, 2010

Giveaway week of August 2nd thru August 8th!!

Are you ready for Fall?
I know I am! I love the fall - I feel like we have been stuck inside all summer
between the chicken pox invading my home and these hot hot days we
haven't gotten out too much (our little red headed baby sure isnt a fan of the heat)
So I am ready for cooler days so I can get outside with the kids
and let them run some energy off.
Not to mention the Fall is one of the best time to do photos in my opinion,
trees changing, pumpkin patches, just love it.
As we finish up our summer of giveaways we will do a few different giveaways
to help our customers get into Fall and Halloween!

This week I am giving away a Sweet Fall Tutu as shown in the beautiful
pictures by http://www.tracyjoy.com/ its a 18.5 starting waist and a 8/9 length

the ADORABLE turkey bloomers are available at http://www.bellaclairebaby.com/

Entry details Below!

This giveaway is all about getting the word out..

so here's how you get an entry or entries...

1. Tell your friends about us - on your facebook page or blog
they must be NEW fans .. sorry no entrys on existing fans

Have your friend become a fan
Then have them come post in the discussions area that they are a fan and who
sent them to our page

The person that refers the most people to our page this week
wins the tutu!

Please note referral entrys are posted by the new fan and MUST be in the discussions area of our facebook page - posts on the front section will not be counted so be sure to tell your friends to post in the right area so they can be counted.

Have fun!!

And - best yet you can be a new fan and refer friends and win this too!!

PS the link to the facebook Discusssions Tab is below, we are finding some posts on the blog of fb main page unfortunately those won't count they must be in the discussions area on facebook to count - only one post in that area per a fan please

The winners are...

Thanks to all that participated... we only have a few giveaways left for our summer giveaway time so if you haven't tried to enter yet - its not too late. I'll be posting the next giveaway later today!!

Last week we asked you to submit ideas for either a witch tutu or fairy tutu - to complete the look we said we would include a pair of wings and/or witch hat to match for the winner ~ the winning person gets their look created for them (within the limits of our supplies on hand). So I look forward to creating a set for each of these winners based on the idea they presented with what I am able to do!

This week I choose to have 2 winners, 1 selected randomly by http://www.random.org/ and the other selected with the help of one of my favorite photographers (http://www.mistyjonesphotography.com/).

Congrats to our winners, I will be contacting you within the next day to get some sizing details so be sure to measure those little ones waists, the winner can have a tutu up to a 20 inch starting waist and max length of 10/11. Winning custom items will take up to 14 business days to be made along with 3 addtl days to ship to you.

Our random winner is:

Poster #13 (rem our instruction post counts as post #1) A Lyons...
My second idea would be a rainbow sherbet fairy. Tutu with lemon and a hint of hot pink and citrus tulle. Tutu could also be embellished with ribbons in those colors as well. Wings in lemon with some sparkle in them.

Our selected winner for their idea is:

Poster S Bailey ...
Idea - My favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily so I would base a Lily Fairy on this - the tutu would have dusty rose tulle and white for the petals. Maybe a few lemon pieces for the stamen and depth. Pink wings and of course of lily on a headband.

Congratulations to all there were many many great ideas!!