Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

Today my little girl Hannah turns 5! Over the past year I have watched her become more independent and her pictures no longer show that little toddler but a bigger girl. She starts Kindergarten in the fall and we gave her a taste of it this summer (upon her request) when she attended the summer session in June.. she loved it .. I did fine the 1st day until I got in my vehicle and was driving out of the school parking lot and started to think .. what if she forgets where the bathroom is, what if she falls in the play ground .. of course the noises of 2 little boys in the back of the van interupted all the what if's and I realized my little girl is growing up.

This day 5 years ago I was getting ready to have a csection I was not quite 36 weeks along and me and my husband decided not to tell anyone that my doctor was delivering that day (until after she was born). Hannah Marie arrived just as cute as can be with a head full of dark hair at 7 lbs 7 oz. She's the reason my business started and when I started it years ago I would of never imagined it would grow like it has into a fulltime job. I am thankful every day for my little girl and for how my business has allowed me to stay home and work around my 3 little one's ..

So get ready for a week of Birthday Fun ... to celebrate Hannah's Birthday and to Thank all my wonderful customers.. starting tomorrow we will have some fun giveaways & coupon code specials.

Keep an eye on the blog and facebook for all the details. Remember the amount of fans our facebook page has later today will determine the Gift Certificate amount for one of the giveaways that start tomorrow.

Well I better go get ready, my little girl has asked me to take the morning off and go look at bedroom & bathroom decor for her .. and to go to Olive Garden for lunch. So I plan to take the morning/early afternoon off and enjoy this time with Ms. Hannah!

Have a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah!!!

Meagan said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!