Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentines Day will be here soon!

Happy Friday!!

This is the kids first week back at school after Christmas Break and I feel like its been a crazy week of running and doing things. Glad its Friday!

Its hard to believe there is only about 5 weeks until Valentines Day, I already feel like 2012 is whizzing by! So today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Valentines Designs that we have available now for ordering on our website I love any occasion that I can do creative things for a party I already have planned the little things I am making for my 1st graders and Preschoolers Class Parties I'll show those ideas perhaps next week.

This is lollipop sweetheart such a sweet mix of hot pink and red, the adorable bloomers are available at

This next set of pictures is Sweetheart and its a mix of red, black and white great for some of those team sports colors after the Valentines occasion!

One of my personal favorites thats perfect for all year long is the Hot ZEbra Frills its very very popular!

Next is Sweet Thing its adorable and Ms R is just as cute as can be posing!

Hav e a great weekend I know we have a busy one planned we are working on a headboard project using a panel door and I plan to paint my laundry room so lots to do in between the 3 kids!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's a New Year and I have several things on "my list" to get done this year. We are trying to eat better and become a junk food free house, this will be hard BUT we are going to attempt to keep to this as much as possible. We still have some not so good snacks in the house until the kids eat thru them and we are trying to make healthier meals - which is hard for me I enjoy making meals BUT most of them are not the healthiest in contents. I also found this idea on pinterest where someone placed a $1 in a jar every time they worked out so thats my new thing to do for getting to the gym. I am going to just make a chart and mark off every time I make it there then hopefully I'll stay committed. So in a sense I am paying myself to work out - I figure whatever it takes I do love going to cycling and body blitz class however the problem is my boys seem to always have something going on every other week that prevents me from putting them in the nursery while I work out, so I am praying they stay healthier so in turn mommy can become healthier.

This weekend my husband and I got a RARE day out with no kids when you have three little ones its not easy to get out without at least 1 of them so generally we have little Andrew with us but he just turned 2 and those terrible two tantrums are coming out so if we take him along we don't eat anywhere nice or go anywhere without rushing. So Saturday was a real treat we took a long drive and hit up several antique stores my favorite was one that looked like a junk store they are the BEST for finding things to fix up for cheap. I have several ideas I am collecting things for. So at this little dive of a place I bought an antique window and an old picture frame there is no glass in it but thats perfect I have plans for it. The following day I got an afternoon out with my mother in law and husbands aunt and yep we went to antique stores because I just love some of the looks you can get with old stuff. I scored with an old ladder. Now if I would only get going on taking down the tree and Christmas decorations so I can play around with a new decor look for my mantel and work on my antique window project.

I'll post pictures soon of my projects as they come together .. I have about 20 projects on the go in addition to the ones above I am making some swags for my bedroom windows, some pillows and changing some pictures to feature some fabric I found. We will have to see how everything comes along ..

We have also extended the ready2ship sale on etsy so dont forget to check out the ready2ships on sale. Not sure how long I'll keep the sale extended for but its just a little thank you for a great 2011 and to help out customers since I know the economy makes purchasing those birthday goodies a little tougher.

Hope you have a great 2012 and will continue to follow our blog and facebook pages!