Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Renee Ross Photography located in Minnesota

"Renee Ross Photography"
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If you are a customer of mine .. there is no doubt that you have looked at our Birthday Bash design and ohh and ahh'ed over it. This design has been our best seller for years... last year Renee submitted a sweet picture to me of the Birthday Bash design to use I just loved it!!! This year Renee has shot several other designs for us, such as the Sweet & Sour Lollipop Tutu and we have several new designs that she's working on photographing currently (I can hardly wait to show off!) So keep an eye out for more of Renee's pictures on our sites!

Now a little bit about Renee....

How did you find yourself in photography?
I have always had a camera, always the one wanting to capture those memories. Well after I had kids my passion grew...people started making comments and asking me to take pics for them, and so I am here.

What is your specialty?
I would say babies and kids.


Do you prefer to shoot indoors or out?

I much prefer outdoor natural light.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring photographers?
If this is your passion, don't give up keep practicing and learn from your mistakes. It doesn't have to be perfect, to be beautiful.

What is your favorite thing about Hannah's Tutus?

The tutu's are the best! So full, extremely well made and the color mixtures just stunning. Lisa is super sweet too.

Any other tad bits you want to tell us about...

little known fact..I love photography so much, I have a tattoo of my first SLR.=)


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Annabelle said...

The Tutu's are GREAT - and so is RENEE! Kiddos to Renee!!!