Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Miklus Photography located in Virginia

This week'd feature photographer I met through a very good mutual friend of ours, Chris. Our sweet friend, Chris that did many of my photos passed away earlier this year after battling cancer for years. She is missed by so many, but she also brought many people together through her friendships with many many fellow photographers. Just a week or two ago Karen posted a picture that I loved and we both had to comment on how it reminded us of our friend Chris and a picture she would of taken. So I am pleased to feature Karen of Miklus Photography this week. I love looking at the fabulous pictures she takes and she's been a customer of mine for several years.

Featuring Miklus Photography

How did you find yourself in photography?
I've grown up around photography. My uncle is an amazing photojournalist
and he was always taking pictures of his nieces and nephews as we grew
up. As an adult I look back at the images he took of family members and
it strikes me at how he didn't just take a picture, he captured the
essence of his subjects. You could look into that image and be
instantly transported back to the time and place that image was taken;
even though that person was no longer with us, because of that image you
could still feel them. I wanted to do that too. I wanted to capture
memories, snippets of my life so that I could go back and remember a
time that had already passed. I started with shooting places I visited
and then began shooting the children in the family, including my own.
Showing the relationship between my daughter and all her cousins was
very important to me. As an elementary school teacher, I loved
photographing my students interacting with each other. After the birth
of my second daughter, my husband encouraged me to merge my love of
children with my love of photography. I became hooked! Here I could do
what I loved...playing and interacting with children. I could spend my
time capturing those precious moments in time and preserve so that one
day their parents could look back and "feel" that time again and again.

What is your specialty?

My specialty is children and maternity. Maternity images are so
magical, invoking strong emotion. I love documenting that special
miracle taking place within a woman and helping her to feel as beautiful
as she truly is. Children are just wonderful to work with! I love
spending my time playing with them and capturing that special smile or
look that is the essence of that child...the look that makes mom say,
"That's my baby." When I get that response, I am thrilled because to
me, that's what it's all about.

Do you prefer to shoot indoors or out?
I love the control that I have working in my studio...I'm comfortable
there. However, I love the excitement and spontaneity of an outdoor
shoot. Allowing children to just be themselves in an outdoor
environment is so much fun for me...I can really see their personalities
shine. I love finding the perfect setting to create a really original
image fitting to the subjects personality and I love the sparkle that
natural light creates...it's beautiful and the colors are amazing!

Do you have any tips for aspiring photographers?

Keep shooting! If you love photography the best way to learn and grow
is to keep on shooting. We are our own toughest critics, but don't be
afraid to push yourself to try new things and to keep improving.

What do you like about Hannah's Tutu's?

What's not to love about Hannah's Tutu's! The colors and designs are
wonderful! Looking at Hannah's Tutu's is like a child looking through
the window of a candy store where each colorful treat looks more
delectable than the next!
The quality cannot be beat...they are so well made and lux...no other
tutu's can compare.
Last, but not least.....Lisa's customer service is wonderful...she works
hard to provide her clients with outstanding customer service and it is
very much appreciated ;)

Thanks so much Karen, for taking the time to let us feature you this week!

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Sonia said...

Her photos are so artistic and it has uniqueness into it! I also live in Virginia maybe one time I might go her studio and have some wonderful photos too! Anyways, I'm really glad that even photography studios are now giving their 100% to their clients just for them to have great customer service. It really started at some companies that has call centers. They really imply good customer service for them to become more reputable and more trusted by their clients.