Friday, June 11, 2010

PS ..

I love this site creative hostess it has fabulous party ideas and themes.. you will drool over some of the decor etc used I have been planning my baby Andrews 1st birthday .. if you know me you are laughing ... he only just turned 6 mths but I am already tossing the ideas of Dr Suess, Winter Wonderland Candyland etc etc anyway I love the cakes shown and ideas on Creative Hostess (lots of girl ideas). Recently Hannah was modeling some sets for me and I wanted a shot of her because she's going to be 5 soon and she loved the Strawberry Shortcake top from Bella Claire ... so Kerry made it for Ms Hannah and I made a tutu to match .. well I entered it into the Birthday Girl contest and take a look Hannah is shown smack at the top ... so go and vote .. yep there are some cute ones so vote for who you like best .. but I just know my sweet Hannah would love to be surprised with one of the prizes for her birthday so feel free to vote for her if you like :)

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