Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Customer Photo Shoots}

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a photographer that had shot one of my tutus. She sent me such a sweet note on my tutus and it was so appreciated (it just happened to come in during a crazy week when my little baby had been at the hospital twice for bronchitus, dehydration etc). Her email note made my day .. so I figured I would share the note and some of the adorable pictures she took of Ms M. Thanks Debbie for such a nice and encouraging note!

Check out the cute pictures Debbie and Ms. M's mom were kind enough to share with me and be sure to check out Debbie's Photography website online at:

"Last week Ms. M came in for her birthday photo session. Her mother had chosen
a beautiful elegant dress for the main portrait. I had called her that morning and asked her if by any chance Ms. M had a tutu. So she came in with the cake, balloons, fancy dress and tutu. We started with the main dress of course and our sweet Ms. M was not "feeling it". We got a few beautiful shots, but most of them was Ms. M crying for her Mom. We worried she may not be feeling well. As her Mom changed her out of the dress I said lets just try her in the tutu and see what happens. Well we put the tutu on and WOW she started posing and smiling and the real Ms. M showed up. It was all personality from then on! Every time the lights fired Ms. M would absolutely bring something new to the set. I am so excited and everyone who has seen the photos are going wild over them. I will definitely be using your tutus in my studio. I love the "retro chic" feel it brings. Thanks for an awesome product! I am so glad my client told me about you!"

Debbie Clark (owner of Clark Photography)

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