Thursday, June 17, 2010


Don't miss out on this week's giveaway, follow our blog and become a fan on facebook
because all summer long we will have weekly giveaway's or specials!!

Just a reminder.. (it was mentioned last week) that the week of July 2nd we will kick off a week of some superp specials and giveaways!! All because Hannah will turn 5 on July 1st.

So remember to become a fan of us on facebook and invite your friends too!

Our gift certificate that one lucky winner will win that week will be determined by the # of facebook fans we have on July 1st!! So if we have at least 250 its a $25, if we have at least 300 its a $30, if we have 500 its $50 ... we will offer up to a $100 gift certificate (now that takes having 1000 fans by that point so thats a long stretch but not impossible!).

Now what are we giving away this week??

A pair of adorable Bloomers from along with a tutu to match, the tutu will be made at a 18 waist 8/9 length perfect size for an adorable set, the best part is I'll let you choose from a few color combos for the tutu

{Winner selects from all lt lavender ~ mix of lavender shades ~ mix of lt/med lavenders with mint ~ or a deeper look of mint, lime, lt, med lavenders and purple... how fun is that!!}

Bloomers that are part of the giveaway are shown below they will be a Size 3
which fits most 12-18 months 23-26 pounds

This set would be wonderful for a 1st birthday, photo shoot, photo prop or just enter and save to give as a special gift !!!

Scroll down to find out how to enter this week's giveaway...

Entries for this giveaway will be posted under the Giveaway Post on our facebook page.. (Please be sure to post on the right one I just saw that I listed the wrong dates last week!) so go to!/pages/Hannahs-Tutus/131668296845836?ref=ts

then click on the DISCUSSIONS TAB find the post for this week's giveaway .. make sure you post on the right one. You will need to submit 1 post for every entry you want to take advantage of!!

1. Everyone gets one entry just for posting on the discussion board as a fan of Hannah's Tutus!

2. Go to and check out her Bloomers Gallery and then post what your favorite design is (there are so many).

3. Post if you are a fan of Bella Claire Baby, if you are not a fan become one and earn this entry!/pages/Bella-Claire-Baby/212979725959?ref=ts

4. Yep I am going to stay with the Birthday Theme ideas .. Post your favorite party favor for birthdays ... doesnt have to be one you used, maybe one at a party you attended you liked

5. Invite your friends to become fans of Hannahs Tutus on facebook, come and post that you have invited them or reposted about our giveaway and you earn another entry!

Have a fun week ....

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