Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{TUTU PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURE} Tracy Joy Photography located in Illinois

Its Feature Tuesday...

This week I am featuring Tracy Joy Photography http://www.tracyjoyphotography.com/ located in the Chicago area of Illinois.

Photography Website: www.TracyJoy.com
Blog Link: www.TracyJoy.com/photoblog

I just can't say enough things about Tracy. She's been doing many of my pictures for almost a year and a half now. She's great at getting wonderful tutu and bloomer shots and has an awesome model thats as cute as a button (when I see pictures of her she reminds me alot of my little girl). I first met Tracy when she took some fabulous pictures of one of my tutus that her friend had purchased from me ..and its seems as though we have been friends ever since.

Now let me just give Tracy's friend a shout out because she runs a business "Bangerang Bakeshop" http://www.bangerangbakeshop.com/ and I've had the pleasure of indulging in one, two, okay maybe a few of her fabulous cupcakes in a jar, my favorite was a chocolate mint cupcake that was offered but this morning I took a sneak peak at her flavors and that red velvet was calling my name!! Check out her website the cupcakes are great for gifts!

Anyway, back to Tracy who is just full of talent and super busy all the time with all the businesses she takes on. As I will for each feature I asked Tracy a few questions for this post.

How did you find yourself in photography?

I've always had an "eye" for photography... looking at things from a different aspect then the normal person would. Seeing a street full of graffiti and thinking "wow, those are beautiful colors!"... or the sparkle in a child's eye, and seeing that moment "still" or in slow motion and dreaming of capturing that specific second in time. Not to mention... I love all things art, in general. My grandfather owned an art gallery when I was young, and I remember how the paintings all filled me with dreams and curiousity... how the painter captured that exact moment and put it into a piece of art. That is how I think of of my photography... it's not a job, it's not a piece of paper or a digital clip... I try to make a piece of art that is unique in the smallest (or largest) way I can! For instance, seeing a mother and child in those first days of life, and being able to feel the love straight through the lens, and capturing an instant that can last a lifetime to that mother...

What is your specialty?

I love working with kids..... and I think kids love working with me. I can put myself into the world of a 2y old, and pull them out of their "regular stranger shyness", and they happily let me capture something wonderful through my lens. Parents must think I'm nuts (cuz of the corny things I do to get a kids smile or sweet wink), but the kids surely find me amusing! haha! I love baby giggles, kiddie toes, lil button noses... the whole nine yards! And twins... what a blast that is! Not a challenge by any means... it just means following their moment, and their personality... and capturing them each, as they are... LOVE THEM!

Do you prefer to shoot indoors or out?

I love both, for different reasons. I love the sharpness of the entire shot that I can capture with my lil home studio. And the control over my lighting makes things very persistant and sweet... not to mention my room full of props that I can quickly thumb through and incorporate into my studio shoot. HOWEVER.. I Love the challenge of the outdoors! Esp with older kids, and teens... finding that great urban spot can really make a difference and show a true personality and extra edge.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring photographers?

DON'T HOLD BACK! We can be our worst critics... it's an aweful thing. Take pride in your work... and in YOU. If this is what you love, jump right in... feet first of course :)

What is your favorite thing about Hannah's Tutus? Do I have to come up with one thing? First of all.. Lisa is a peach... just a wonderfully talented, well rounded, gal! Her products.. TOP NOTCH! I've never had a tutu from Hannahs that I wasnt in love with.... EVER! They are full to the brim with lovely soft tulle, and full of color combos that leave me breathless (yes, no exaggeration... opening a box from Hannah's tutus is like Christmas every time!)

I LOVE props... esp girly things! I also have another company www.PropInsanity.com where I review and feature unique and fun props and their creators... Hannah's was one of my first, and a favorite of mine! I have a wall of tutus in my house... and nothing brings a smile to a clients face than when their eyes meet that rainbow of yummy tulle!

Check out these additional sites of Tracy's to see great props and Camera Bags!





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Tracy Joy said...

Thanks Lisa... working with you is always a pleasure... and I'm honored to be a part of your blog!!! :)