Saturday, May 15, 2010


So I have been waiting to see these cute new little boy sets Kerry ( has been working on ... they were a gift for a baby shower today and I have to say they are so ADORABLE!! I love to give "original" gifts at showers and not the typical dresses, diapers etc and so I go to Kerry quite often for gifts and all of my children have items from her too.

There are so many options for cute shower gifts for baby girls but there always seems to be very little for adorable boy gifts well at least far less than the girly stuff (I know having 2 boys myself). So check out the new designs at or mark her page for the next time you need a fantastic shower gift!!

PS Dont forget to click on my last post below and enter this week's giveaway before it closes!

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Munchkin Things said...

So adorable! I wish I had a little boy!