Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Ready for a Summer Packed of Fun!!


This summer in an effort to start committing myself to posting on my blog and offering loyal customers specials,giveaways, info and links I am making a blogging schedule. I am hoping to keep to this schedule and have fun doing so. Blogging doesn't come easy to me I'll be the first to admit I hate to write - I always did in school I am a drawing person - a creative person and well my grammar isn't always the best.

So here is the summer schedule ... so take a moment and sign up to be a reader of my blog WHY? because I don't want you to miss out on special coupons, some FREE giveaways and neat birthday ideas I plan to share this summer.

This FRIDAY I will start my first giveaway of the summer - so get signed up before then to find out what you can enter to win!! EVERY OTHER FRIDAY WE WILL FEATURE A GIVEAWAY OR SPECIAL ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

In addition, make sure you are signed up soon as a follower, its hard to believe my Hannah turns 5 this summer it seems like yesterday she was just a little girl wearing tutus now shes growing up - to celebrate Hannah's Birthday and the business I will be doing a wonderful giveaway the week of her Birthday (which is this summer).

PLUS, I am looking for photographers that own some of my tutus!!! Every "Tuesday" I will do a "FEATURE TUESDAY POST" and feature a photographer - the feature will show some shots - talk a little about the photographer and why they choose to start taking pictures, etc. So email me today and title your message "FEATURE ME PLEASE" so I can plug you into a date and send you a list of cute questions for your feature.

I also want to share some of my favorite sites with you - having 3 kids under 5 I am always on the search for cute things and love to feature other business owners like myself hopefully once a week I'll have a new person to feature with their business so if you want to be part of this feature send me an email so I can chat about you on the blog.. I know for sure I recently have stumbled on to some cute sites for party stuff yes my little boy is 5 mths and I am ALREADY planning his 1st birthday theme I am "thinking" whales but I am not sold yet - carnivals and sweet shoppes catered to boys sure sound enticing (not because I want to eat all the candy). So I'd love to feature great places for favors, invites, tags, gifts and much more all summer for other moms like me that love to party plan.

Lastly, I get loads of adorable pictures sent in so I want to show those cute shots that moms, grandmoms, etc have gotten of little ones in tutus - just every day shots.. so customers that want to be featured email me a picture (note I do not list children's names on my web pages I will refer to the picture as Ms. H (first initial only). By sending your picture in to be featured I hope to perhaps do a little contest with customer featured photo's later this summer. I will try and do a feature once a week showing some of the cuties wearing tutus!

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