Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final Giveaway Week...

Its hard to believe that the summer is just about over and kids are returning to school. Summer zipped by and the Halloween season is in full swing with costume orders. I love this time of the year but it does get pretty busy and hectic for me. We have enjoyed doing a giveaway a week all summer long and so to finish the summer we have an adorable set up for grabs.
Check out the pictures below of our Sweet Paris Kitty tutu .. I love this tutu and the fancy ribbons on top, so this week's winner will get the sweet tutu (sized at a 18.5 starting waist 8/9 length) , a set of the black fuzzy ears shown in the pictures below and a size 3 pair of the matching bloomers from www.bellaclairebaby.com (sized for 12-24 mth girls).
So how to enter:
This week the entry will be on our main page in facebook its the last week of our summer giveaways and we want it to be noticed.. BUT PLEASE read the entry instructions, posts in other places on the facebook page will be deleted and not counted. This is very important since I am sure many of you would love to win this set.

1. Post below our I want to win post on the main page (link below) that you are a fan this gets you 1 entry.
2. Go and check out Bella Claire Baby's new website .. Kerry has been working hard on this and its great looking come back and post a comment about the new site under the same I want to win post area. www.bellaclairebaby.com
3. Tell your facebook friends about this great giveaway, then post under I want to win again with the link ... prefer to post a link on your blog thats fine too.
4. Lastly you can get 1 more post on the I want to win post by posting a great idea for a Christmas Tutu. (yes I do think that far ahead)
Entries can be posted through Sunday, August 22nd 11:59 pm cst.

Wonderful pictures by www.tracyjoy.com

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